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We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of care. We offer the latest non-surgical aesthetic procedures with the expertise our patients are accustomed to. We are passionate about helping our patients look and feel their very best!

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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Customized treatment for your skincare transformation.

  1. IPL Photofacial
  2. Pixel Fractional Resurfacing
  3. Chemical Peels
  4. Micro Needling
  5. Botox
  6. Juvederm
  7. Kybella

Laser Treatments

Optimum aesthetic results are just an appointment away.

1. Laser Hair Removal
2. Laser Tattoo Removal
3. Reduce Skin Pigmentation
4. Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal
5. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal
6. Facial Laser Hair Removal
7. Body Laser Hair Removal

Laser Treatments
Wellness Treatments

Wellness Treatments

Treat yourself to a healthy and vibrant glow.

1. Wellness Injections
2. Migraine Relief
3. Vitamin Injections
4. Nutrient Booster
5. Supports Nerve Function
6. Increases Energy
7. B-12 Injections

Benefits Benefits of Temecula Med Spa

There are many advantages to choosing a medical spa for your everyday skin care, laser, and wellness needs. We provide the most advanced, minimally invasive, results oriented aesthetic treatments in a safe and comfortable environment, with an exceptional level of customer service.

  • Services Provided by Certified Professionals
  • Beauty Enhancing Treatments with Lasting Results
  • Comfortable Environment with State-of-the-Art Equipment

A Better Self-image Can Lead to Positive Changes in Your Life

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